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// 21st November 2014 – 29th March 2015 // Gorée Island

Musée Dapper has invited five artists whose work is concerned with issues relating to speech. Thus, Ndary Lo (Senegal), Bill Kouélany (Congo), Thierry Fontaine (Reunion Island), Trân Trong Vû (Vietnam / France) and Nadia Myre (Canada) have made outdoor installations on two exceptional sites on Gorée Island. Comics – the 'ninth art' – have been around for nearly 100 years in sub-Saharan Africa. They offer a space of freedom for words and images.
Al'Mata (Democratic Republic of Congo / France), Jason Kibiswa (Democratic Republic of Congo), Odia (Senegal), Hector Sonon (Benin) and TT Fons (Senegal) have created original stories, each with a style marked by many influences.

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