Set up in Amsterdam, in 1983, at the instigation of its current President, Michel Leveau, the Olfert Dapper Foundation takes its name from a xviith-century Dutch humanist who, despite never leaving his native country, wrote an encyclopaedic Description of Africa, first published in 1668.

The purpose of this private non-profit organisation is to raise the profile of sub-Saharan Africa's artistic heritage and contribute to its conservation, by staging exhibitions and awarding research bursaries.

C. Falgayrettes-Leveau, Director of the Musée Dapper

Njuindem statue
Wood and pigments. H.: 85 cm
Collected in 1897-1898 by Gustav Conrau
and brought back to Europe in 1899
Former collections of Arthur Speyer,
Charles Ratton, Helena Rubinstein and Harry A. Franklin
Musée Dapper, Paris. Inv. no. 3343
© Musée Dapper - photo Hughes Dubois.

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